About Us

The Brindle

Tribble is a one-year-old Boston Terrier mix adopted on May 3, 2012 from the local Animal Control, where she was on death row. Unlike the Barker, she is almost pathologically quiet and almost never makes noise–a trait that I, raised with terriers of all sorts, am still getting used to. (When she does make noise, her default is less “barking” and more “piglike squealing.”) Tribble and I will be starting basic agility training sometime this fall.

The Biologist

I am a twenty-one-year-old human who recently graduated with a dual Bachelor’s in Genetics and Psychology. This fall, I’m entering a graduate program in integrated biology.

The Blog

This blog is likely to be a repository of my reactions to assorted dog things as well as reactions to graduate school and any interesting science-related topics that cross my path.


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