Settling In

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to really write anything for this blog. Whoops. In my defense, it’s been a very busy summer so far.

In the last few months, I’ve submitted a paper containing the results of my undergraduate research (no word back on that yet), attended my first major conference, and moved to my new city. I was at Evolution 2012 this year, where I gave my first professional talk.  Talk about throwing myself into the deep end!

Evolution was amazing. It was bigger than any conference I’d ever been to before–unsuprising, since it’s an unusually large meeting. There were so many talks my head spun, and I didn’t even really see a tenth of the posters at the two poster sessions.  I went with my lab group from my undergraduate institution as a sort of last hurrah and presented the research I’d done there. My undergraduate PI was willing to pay for me to go, which was really awesome of her, particularly considering that I was at that time leaving her lab. She’s been a really great mentor in general, and I’m sad to be leaving her group even though I’m excited about the new group.

The paper is still in peer review, so there’s not much interesting going on there.

And moving has gone fairly well so far. Tribble and I are settling nicely into our new city. It will be a solid month before my program starts, so we’re making an effort to socialize and check the city out before orientation begins. So far we’re investigating all the local off-leash parks, but we have plans to join a local pit bull walk and start trying agility soon. I’m excited!

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